Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy New Years Ever, world!
Instead of empyting my pockets, risk being too {un}classily shmamered, or having a panic attack about a)a giganto crowd, b)no ride home c)lost friends, I think we are staying in and hosting a small party for fellow plan-less friends.
I dream of a ceiling covered in balloons, but I also love the photo with scattered, anchored balloons at different heights.
We'll share mini apps {I'm making mini pulled pork sliders}, drink champagne, and toast / kiss to 2012. 

{my nye dress}

{noise horns + party hats of course}

{nye party can't be complete without sparklers} 

Friday, December 30, 2011

The loo

With some extra down time today, I thought I would share my favorite part of my bathroom. I renovated the bathroom and was going for more of a sea blue-green, but ended up feeling like I was inside a Tiffany's box. Kind of shocking at first, but it's totally grown on me. Will I ever do it again? Of course not, but for now when it's just me using this WC, it works.

 I made the chevron prints on wood blocks (like canvas ones, but all wood, kinda cool!) with metallic gold paint and white. Kind of tedious but worth it in the end.

I love this shelf...perfect size for my owl, a candle, and most used scents. {yes I need to dust it, I know}

I love the branch/coral hooks for hanging necklaces + bracelets from. 

Healthy winter dishes

Now that I have something to be extra motivated by {beach + bikini} to be healthy, I'm on the hunt for hearty and tasty wintery meals. Last night I made broccoli cheddar soup {or choccoli as I kept calling it} and it was super easy and yummy....and seems somewhat 'healthy...ish'

Here are some other dishes I hope to make soon...

{enchilada casserole}

{chicken tortilla soup}

{spanish chicken}

{slow cooker chicken taco chili}

{nectarine pizza with drizzled balsamic...OHMYGOSH}

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cutie cupid

I don't know what it is about this photo {the head-to-toe black, sleek hair, etc} but I loved this photo as soon as I saw it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY spa gifts

Although I feel stretched for time {and funds}, I would love to make gifts for my girlfriends for the holidays some year. I found these and love how simple they sound!

{glittery, of course}

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Long distance love

I  miss my new niece. A LOT. Like a ton a lot. I can't wait to see that cute little face again and give her some serious smushies and love. 
{yes that is a "My auntie is the best" onesie. Little girl clothes are the cutest!}

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello, December

Hello December! I head to Wisconsin on Saturday, and although there are only a few flurries in the forecast, I'm a bit excited for super chilly {freezing} temperatures and crisp air. Takes me back to my time in Colorado. *sigh*

Although I don't expect to leave the house a whole lot {my niece will be born ANY day!!!!!} I can't wait to snuggle up with my sister and her baby.

{and count down till Christmas, and listen to Christmas carols, and bake cookies, and....etc etc}

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Channeling Martha

Now that I have a sewing machine, I'm finding it harder to shop. I pick up a top and may carry it around for a while, but ultimately I convince myself I can make it if I want it bad enough. I've done this a few times so far, but now that it officially feels like Fall, I've dug out my needles and yarn for a little bit of knitting. I just finished a chunky grey looped scarf {just in time to get a sore throat} and have a ball of rich plum I want to make arm warmers and a headband/earwarmers with. 

Images - love it here and here

Here are some other accessories I want to make...
Image - love it here and here

...and other things for the holidays...
Image - love it here

{use an old cookie tray to make it yourself! I can imagine this in silvers and golds for the holidays...loooove}
Image - love it here

We are never too old to make wishes on wishies. Or stars. Or at 11:11. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fighting the icks and ughs

Image - love it here

Migraine, tickle in the throat, chest congestion...helloooooo cold weather sicknesses! 

Since yesterday I felt like I have been dragging my feet and praying the rave in my head ends. My appetite went way down and all I wanted to eat tonight was one of my smoothies. I have been hooked onto the Green Monster Smoothies and here is my favorite combo:

frozen blueberries
almond milk
ground chia seed
plain greek yogurt
raw spinach*
{sometimes I'll add apple too}

*spinach you say?! yuuuuup. I promise you won't taste it as long as you add that banana! Mine have also never turned out such a pretty green...probably the blueberries that make it stranger looking but still tastes great!

Image - love it here

Usually when I feel like I'm about to get sick, I head to my favorite local produce mart and get myself my favorite kombucha {trilogy or gingerberry}. If you haven't jumped on the kombucha train, I found the guava goddess to be more fruity/less severe and definitely let it breathe for a few minutes about you unscrew the top!!

Image - love it here

Rest, eat cleanly, listen to your body, and smile!

Image - love it here

Well hello stranger!

Well, I'm a little upset at myself and embarrassed in general I haven't done anything with my own blog for over a month. Total silliness. Although life has been a total roller coster lately, doing this makes me feel good, so I'm reminding myself to steal a little extra time to work on my own blog and my own happiness in little ways.  
I've also become consumed by Pinterest, and love that it's easy to find quotes and photos of things that make me giggle and add an extra smile to the day.

Image - love it here
Image - love it here

Image - love it here

Image - love it here

Image - love it here

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend festivities

{rooftop for fleet week with old friends and new}

{Top Gun music + Blue Angels = amazingness}

{Oakland farmers market...elephant garlic. who knew!}

{such a rich beautiful color}

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bootie craving

Image - love it here and here

I am on the hunt for {affordable} black wedge booties that don't make me a giant. Fingers crossed that the TJ Maxx gods are smiling upon me this week and will have some similar to the ones above.

Image - love it here

Image - love it here

{I'm obsessed!!!}

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Perfect peppers

Image + recipe - love it here

Yesterday I went to the Brentwood farmers market and bought some of the best and sweetest bell peppers I've ever had. I also chose a green pepper shaped like the one in the photo because my amazing friend mentioned a really good way to cook it stuffed with cheese. YUM. I also found this recipe and must try it immediately!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love is in the air

A big huge happy lovefilled congratulations to josh + esley. What a beautiful and intimate wedding. 

And what killer shoes! Love how they added spunk and a hint of personality to the bride's style.

Monday, September 12, 2011


A few inspirational DIY ideas I am dying to do with any free time {and extra funds}...

Image - love it here

{needed: blackboard paint, fun/quirky frame, chalk}

Image - love it here

{needed: chunky letters, old frame to be painted, background optional. another spin is to do this with initials}

Image - love it here

{needed: (on a smaller scale) ink pad, letter stamps/fun handwriting/whatever works, frame. I love this idea as a save the date too!}