Monday, November 14, 2011

Fighting the icks and ughs

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Migraine, tickle in the throat, chest congestion...helloooooo cold weather sicknesses! 

Since yesterday I felt like I have been dragging my feet and praying the rave in my head ends. My appetite went way down and all I wanted to eat tonight was one of my smoothies. I have been hooked onto the Green Monster Smoothies and here is my favorite combo:

frozen blueberries
almond milk
ground chia seed
plain greek yogurt
raw spinach*
{sometimes I'll add apple too}

*spinach you say?! yuuuuup. I promise you won't taste it as long as you add that banana! Mine have also never turned out such a pretty green...probably the blueberries that make it stranger looking but still tastes great!

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Usually when I feel like I'm about to get sick, I head to my favorite local produce mart and get myself my favorite kombucha {trilogy or gingerberry}. If you haven't jumped on the kombucha train, I found the guava goddess to be more fruity/less severe and definitely let it breathe for a few minutes about you unscrew the top!!

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Rest, eat cleanly, listen to your body, and smile!

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