Thursday, March 24, 2011

A day full of showers

Last weekend my mom, cousin + I threw a bridal shower for my cousin. Although I didn't get a picture of my super cool hand-made flag banners (*sniff*), here are a few shots of a few other parts...

{cheery Spring flowers in mason jars}

{my aunt made homemade focaccia bread, yum}

{all the needed things to make my new most favorite treat...fig jam + brie + crackers/fancy bread}

{it's like a party in your mouth. My mouth prefers fig + brie in a baguette sandwich}

{my family has an obsession with lemons, so we bagged them up with raffia for party favors}

{my mom broke out our family silver and china for the special event, and paired it with Jenni's favorite color - BLUE}

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