Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear inspiration...thank you

This weekend my mom, 2nd cousin (once removed?) and I are throwing my cousin a bridal shower. I wish I had a bazillion dollars because I have so many awesome ideas for showers, weddings and parties...someday I'll be able to host my dream shower.

Although I don't want to spill any details on our secret plans, here are some pictures I found inspiring.

{I saved most of these a while ago and though I can't remember where they all came from, most I'm guessing are from Green Wedding Shoes}

{I love the use of clothespins and like the idea of something similar for seating cards for wedding receptions}

Image - love it here
{love the garden rustic feel to this...and mason jars are great for so many things}

{I've used the candles in mason jars and have to say it adds a great touch especially at night}

{I think this would be a sweet way to make the bride-to-be's chair extra special}

{LOVE this idea for favors}

Image - love it here
{I have a new love for the flag garlands...especially like them with names or words on them}

Image - love it here
{*sigh* I love this seating outdoors on a covered porch with flags. so sweet!}

Pictures of Jenni's shower to come next week...yay!

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  1. yes please, i WOULD like to live in all of those photos :)