Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trip highlights

What an amazingly weekend full of fun, relaxing, sunshine + giggles. Some highlights...

{cupcake girl - 'are you guys best friends?'
(us making duh face) - 'ya why?'
cupcake girl- 'you have matching tattoos!'
ooorrrr they're just stamps from the outdoor concert bar}

{yummy cupcakes from Dots in Pasadena}

 {Beth came to visit for a beach day full of dolphin watching}

{I want a cruiser now. Best breakfast ride ever}

{ohhhhh Marcipants, how I love thee and your bang bangs}

{Aloha Grill Mai Tais. I felt transported to Hawaii}

{cornbread yumminess}

{mango margaritas. I'm in love}

{omg so good...pulled pork nacho bites}

{shrimp + guac bites}

{'spa cocktail' with mint, cucumber, rum + delightfulness}

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