Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moments of serenity

Despite it being a holiday weekend, I was able to steal away some "me" time on Saturday while I stretched out on my new chaise lounge in the sun with a new book (The Help). While we dream about things to do with the space in the backyard where the trampoline used to be {which includes considering a new trampoline}, I drooled over the new Elle Decor and other spaces that seemed ultra relaxing and serene.

{Elle Decor featured Keri Russel's home...wow. If anyone knows what that plant is called, fill me in  please!}

{I am obsessed with outdoor living room-type of furniture. And those striped cushions}

Image - love it here
{I can instantly picture myself cozied up on this couch with a book in hand, but instead of reading, I would be gazing out the windows daydreaming}

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