Monday, May 16, 2011

Ohhh mom

Image - love it here

Lately I've been on a sewing kick. I have this new thing of wearing stretchy tanks as mini-skirts with loose, flowy tops. It all started when I wore a black H&M tunic with a bright green tank/skirt, and immediately was hooked on the new was saucy mixed with easy and fun, and it rocks because I didn't have to buy anything!

Until...I realized I wanted a more neutral, light colored top, so off to the fabric store I went. Basically I traced my favorite black top, cut and pinned, and finished by sewing. Voila! I have been living in this shirt now {pictures soon} with skinny jeans rolled at the ankle, black leggings, or of course, bright tank-skirts.

Up next...a loose tank in grey, and hopefully {fingers crossed} a dark purple maxi dress from scratch will work so I can make one for my sister!

Thank you, Ma, for letting me utilize your wonderful sewing supplies. Moms are the best :)

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