Thursday, May 5, 2011

Über excitement

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Today my friend since middle school went to the hospital to begin the deliver of her first baby, William.

Katy, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I seriously feel like I have Mexican jumping beans in me. I simply cannot wait to meet the little guy. He is such a lucky baby already with two amazing, loving and fun parents. (And not to mention he has a kick-ass baby room.)

I am totally loving the experience of going through the different stages of life with long-term friends. From coordinating outfits and making up names for crushes in middle school, to swimming and saying goodbye in high school, to a reconnected and deepening friendship, I am truly thankful to have such a wonderful friend {and MOMMA BEAR} in my life.

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  1. so im finally catching up on your blogs since being back to work & just ran across this one. val, you are the sweetest most amazing friend and i am SOOOOOOOO thankful for you. you are one of my oldest and certainly one of my dearest friends. i love you friend!