Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday flop day

I love stumbling across new blogs, especially when something makes me smile on the first scroll.

Image - love it here
{my family calls it 'friday flop day' and I've never seen a more appropriate photo}

Image - love it here
{well, duh! how sweet is that}

Image - love it here - and check out her blog too!
{I love inspirational things like this, when uplifting quotes and sayings are grouped together and look fantastic}
OMG Pinterest may just be my new favorite site of favorites {if only my computer stops freezing} ...
Image - love it here
{I am a hair stalker, and I love this}
Image - love it here
{ahhh warm weathered simplicity}
Image - love it here
{as yellows biggest fan, I LOVE love love this}
happy friday flop day! :)

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