Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wine appreciation

I hosted a wine tasting party on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised and totally happy with how it turned out. More people than expected came, but guests were enthusiastic about the blind tasting and generous with their bottles (33+ bottles by the end of the night. Yowza).

We had 19 bottles entered in the tasting and people voted on their two favorites. The winners went home with a bottle of Ficklin Chocolate Port.
Image - love it here

I wrapped each bottle in the tasting in a brown paper bag (scallop cut at the top, thank you fancy scissors) numbered with a round white label, and tied with my favorite raffia.

A few more of my favorite accessories of the night...

Branches cut from my parents' plum tree
Finally a use for all our corks! Williams Sonoma apothecary jar, Crate & Barrel tray, IKEA candles (that smell delightful)

Home grown calla lilies, and more space for corks.

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