Monday, January 31, 2011

5 things

I had an amazingly relaxing, happy weekend and feel like I'm going into this week more balanced and clear. Bring it, Monday.

Image - love it here

Fruity Pebble treats. I'm pretty sure I would have never eaten Rice Krispy treats knowing these existed. O.M.G. Next up, Golden Graham treats (my favorite kid cereal).

Practice Love from Urban Outfitters, small frame from Venice, square place from Crate + Barrel, rings mostly from Froever21.
I treated myself to flowers on Friday. I know, Baby's Breath, right? Makes me want to gag when I see them in arrangements, but on their own they are quite lovely and delicate.

I found 2 of these side-basket things over the weekend and decided to spray paint them white and use them as pseudo book ends on my desk. A much needed update and who doesn't love to be organized! 
Image - love it here on Etsy

Square business cards. I'm designing mine for my art therapy internship in private practice, and wanted something a little different. Square it is....and I'm sure I'll post it once I reach the final product. I'm thinking grey/natural with yellow (of course).

I absolutely love my smile mug (thank you Marci :) I love starting my mornings with a cup of coffee, and it's much better when enjoyed out of my smile mug.

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