Friday, January 7, 2011

Cheers to a new face

I am hesitent to get in to things knowing they have the potential of becoming highly involved, time consuming [in a non-productive way], or attention sucking. Youtube, for example, I have no idea where to start. Therefore I only use it when looking for something specific.

I thought I would start this way with reading blogs - there are SO many that I was scared to start somewhere. One day I saw an old high school friend post a blog she was reading, and I couldn't resist looking. I think the name cupcakes and cashmere is enticing in itself, but it's become a complete addiction and the first site I go to in the morning.

From her site, I have found Apartment 34 and from her site even more to look at. I never click directly on another blog's name...I have to open it in a new window because I often love the one I am currently looking at.

The things I love about these blogs is their style, color, ability to grab my attention, personal touches and uplifting themes. I have also taken up with the trend of writing down 5 things that make me smile. I think this is a great pick-me-up when our personal clouds are hanging out above us, or when we need to be reminded how many wonderful things we have in life to smile about.

There are so many things in my life I love, make me smile, I have learned from, and I have done that I want to share the wealth of happiness + love, and remind myself how lucky I am. Hence miscellaneous + love ... there are so so so many things in the world to love, and I am here to share some of the misc things I love.

Wishing a {belated} happy new year to everyone and thank you for coming with me as I take on the new year with a fresh face.

Image loved on Sacramento Street's blog and from Patterson Maker

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