Friday, January 14, 2011

Rainy day cozies

I've been a fan of oversized sweaters lately. Less Olson twins and more Rachel Bilson. One- they look and feel incredibly comfy and are perfect for an overcast day, and two - I can snag them from my dad's closet. Muahaha

Image - love it
This week I grabbed a cream colored, simple crew neck sweater he had from Land's End, and am currently loving it it with black Juicy leggings, tall grey socks from H&M, and tan Steve Madden boots.

Images - love1love2, love3love4

I have to point out that I'm a pretty thrifty shopper. Not only are H&M and Forever21 great places for us 'starving student' types, but they have basic items and stuff that works for current trends (and therefor not so expensive to replace with new trends). I got my leggings at TJ Maxx - the place I go to first for anything clothing and home related before other stores. And who doesn't love sales! Thankfully my boots were on sale back when I got them (although they weren't the style I wanted, the need for immediate gratification of tan boots outweighed a continued search. *sigh*)

I have a feeling I'll be wearing this getup more often on these drizzly days. Helloooo cute comfort!

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