Saturday, January 8, 2011


Image - love it

I noticed a posting at my gym this week that there would be a yoga class Saturday morning. I'm a big yoga fan and go to classes when I can make it, and needed the time this week to get back to feeling balanced, centered and have a little 'me time.'

Image - love it

When I got there I realized the Victoria's Secret top I was wearing matched my Gaiam yoga mat almost the extent I could lay down and blend in with the mat. Not to mention my water bottle is also a brightly colored green. I'm not sure if others think of lime green as a calming 'yoga color' but for once I didn't care what others thought - it was a true morning for me. Yay!

I love the refreshed feeling yoga brings me when the class is over - my posture feels amazing like I'm walking taller (not like I need to be any taller) and my mind feels clear and open. Such a great start to a cold, cloudy weekend day!

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