Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Funday

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Today was my friend's birthday, and to celebrate she invited a few of us girls out for a birthday version of Sunday Funday. We started with pedicures....and obviously champagne (Barefoot Bubbly is entirely delightful, by the way).

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Given my nail polish obsession, picking one of their 60+ colors was difficult. Although I would have loved to push my boundaries and gone with something a little more unusual, I stuck to my favorite red....the perfect tone of red because it has a hint of orange to it (I think) so it complements my skin tone. I did love the super dark blue with a hint of sparkles, as well as the coral with shimmer...that will be a definite favorite in the next few weeks!

Our spa time was followed by lunch at Vanessa's Bistro in Walnut Creek...a perfect place to share tapas and more champagne with friends. Their Bloody Mary Martinis are GOOD, too.

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Since I opted not to get my nails done, I instantly went to my bag of polishes when I got home and debated what color to go with for the week. Or the next few days if we're being honest. I settled on my Essie Jazz since it seems not to chip (or it's just not that noticeable) and the color is a really nice neutral that goes with most things and of course, my red toes.

All in all, wonderfully happy Sunday Funday with some cool girls.
Cheers to happy birthdays

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