Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Channeling Giada

I love cooking. Love it. And I'm extra happy that this quarter of school I have most nights free so I can try more recipes and perfect my go-tos. Giada is my favorite chef from the Food Network and usually the first place I go to look for a new recipe (either on Food Network or her cookbook ). Everything I've made of hers has turned out wonderfully delicious.

We stocked up on Costco last weekened and I always love getting the packs of chicken - the ones that have the 2 breasts packaged together so they are easy to defrost and the perfect amount for 2 (sometimes with leftovers).

Last night I made her Balsamic Chicken but I used chicken breasts instead of wings or legs. I also forgot to add the rosemary and sesame seeds but it still tasted AWESOME. The touch of sweetness is perfect for someone with a sweet tooth. 

  Image- love it

You can get the recipe here.

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