Saturday, January 8, 2011

This makes me hungry

There's really no point to this post and it reminds me that I'm a terrible storyteller. However, I just keep laughing in my head about it and hope you get a 'ha ha' out of it too.

Last week I was lucky enough to go on a few walks with my best friend and her 3 month old baby, Brody. Steph lives pretty close so we planned to walk to a meeting place. 

 "I'll meet you at the cheddar cheese house!"

Funny thing is, there is a house between ours that is literally the orange color of cheese. Not like Wisconsin's finest, but the neon powdery stuff that comes in a packet in the Mac & Cheese box.

 Image - love it

Who knows what those people were thinking when they decided neutral just wasn't cutting it anymore. I hope Behr calls it 'Fake Cheddar' or something inspired by cheese.
At least it's a good reference point when giving directions.

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  1. your so funny! It is the brightest house on the block!
    lots of love